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In a Sunburned Country

Bill Bryson, 2000 I don’t read a lot of travel writing, but when I do read it I find myself telling myself that this is what I should be doing with myself. I totally missed my calling. Why am I … Continue reading

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Far From the Tree

Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity Andrew Solomon, 2012 “The affection my family have found in one another is not a better love, but it is another love, and just as species diversity is crucial to sustain the planet, … Continue reading

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Oracle Bones

A Journey Between China’s Past and Present Peter Hessler, 2006 John Keay’s China, A History provided me with a comprehensive and well researched overview of the main events in the last 3000 to 5000 or so years of Chinese history, but that … Continue reading

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An Existential Detective Story

Why Does The World Exist? Jim Holt, 2012 The title question to Jim Holt’s semi-journalistic, semi-autobiographical philosophical expedition, Why Does the World Exist? may initially seem naive and pedantic but Holt presents his ponderous quandary as an easily digestible and … Continue reading

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Charles C. Mann, 2005 As a bibliophile, when reading ancient history I often feel a sense of lamentation for the loss of the cultural historical record so often destroyed through war, pillage, and natural disaster. Sumeria is championed as the first ancient … Continue reading

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