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The History of White People

Nell Irvin Painter, 2010 Looking for some clarity amidst our tumultuous news cycle filled with constant reports of an ever increasing normalization of nationalistic fueled racism, I decided I needed some historical non-fiction to realign my perspective about what is going … Continue reading

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The Hare

César Aira, 1991 Translated from the Spanish by Nick Caistor, 1998 “One can think one is always in the middle of a dream, precisely because of the consistence of reality, because it continues and keeps on going, though we have … Continue reading

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Michel Houellebecq, 2015 Translated from the French by Lorin Stein, 2015 I picked up a copy of Submission during the week of November 8th following the election. The jacket cover and bookseller note card both described Submission as a dark … Continue reading

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Destruction and Sorrow beneath the Heavens

László Krasznahorkai, 2004 Translated from the Hungarian by Ottilie Mulzet, 2015 An author with a voice and perspective unlike any other, Krasznahorkai writes compelling stories that are a special blend of the macabre and the beautiful. His narrative style is characteristically … Continue reading

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My Struggle Book Three: Boyhood

Karl Ove Knausgård, 2009 Translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett, 2014 “Time never goes as fast as in your childhood; an hour is never as short as it was then. Everything is open, you run here, you run there, do … Continue reading

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Attempting to Process

One year ago this week I was visiting Paris when the Parisian people were attacked by Islamic fanatics enacting the largest bloodshed that the city had experienced since the atrocities and occupation of the second World War. During the events I … Continue reading

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The Physics of Sorrow

Georgi Gospodinov, 2011 Translated from the Bulgarian by Angela Rodel “The physics of sorrow – initially the classical physics thereof – was the subject of my pursuits for several years. Sorrow, like gases and vapors, does not have its own … Continue reading

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