New Bookshelf!

photo(4)It has been over a year and a half since I finished my reading challenge and granted myself the freedom to buy a new bookshelf to expand my library. In that time the old shelves were getting quite overcrowded with stacks upon stacks that were beginning to look quite sloppy.  Even my minimalist wife was starting to ask when I would get a new bookshelf to expand the library with a more appealing look.

photo(3)Finally I got around to it and now have a wall of books to admire! I must say that reorganizing was quite a hassle, especially since there was some mix ups with the shelves when they arrived and once that was sorted out I found that as I moved the old shelves to realign the location of the shelves I had damaged the walls of my apartment with my securement method.  But all of those hiccups have been resolved and I finally have shelves with some room to breath…and room to read.


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