Irvine Welsh, 1994

Wa reid thes novel when thaur is an stoat an’ classic movie? Likesay, weel, th’ novel isnae pure a novel, it is mair ay a collection ay cuttie stories abit a crew ay complex an’ likeable hooligans ahn daft cunts.  Th’ stories ur fest paced, aft tauld by different characters an’ ye hae tae gie used tae th’ slang an’ dialect tae kin which character is talkin’. but ance ye gie th’ hang ay it, it is righteoos fin an’ a quick reid likesay.  Ah was surprised abit hoo much mair was in th’ book, th’ movie is pure jist trainspottin’ lecht.  Ah ken ‘at th’ movie hud tae be presentable fur mass consumption, an’ thaur is a lot ay sordid acts in th’ book ‘at jist wooldnae gang ower weel oan th’ screen.

These stories by th’ master authur, Welsh, ur pure grit. th’ characters enact some heinoos acts, stealin’, sleepin’ aroond (even wi’ a body character’s deid brother’s pregnant wife) and ay coorse thaur is th’ use ay drugs, sharin’ needles, mates dyin’ ay AIDs.  Some ay th’ images will stick wi’ me fur ages tae come jist due tae th’ shock value.  But despite th’ seedy life ay skag usin’ cunts, whit makes thes a stoatin book is th’ social commentary. e’en thocht th’ characters can be back-stabbin’ an’ downrecht despicable, they hae justifiable reasons fur whit they dae.  Thes crew ay scots ur th’ poorest ay th’ puir, wi’ wee opportunity other than tae gie intae trooble. th’ life ay normalcy jist doesnae fit wi’ their plans coz they dornt fit in ‘at warld likesay.  Nae only ur they th’ poorest ay th’ scots, thaur is a lot ay commentary abit hoo scootlund is th’ backwards an’ decrepit ootpost ay britain. coz ay scotland’s law place in britain th’ cunts puir lack pride in their coontry, in their fowk heritage, an’ in themselves.  coz ay aw ay thes th’ gantin becomes understandable, an’ th’ despicable seems loch th’ reit an’ jist hin’ tae dae.  Ay coorse thes book isnae fur a’ fowk, mainly coz ay th’ filthy fuckin language, overaa lack ay morals, an’ th’ difficulty in readin’ a book written primarily in th’ brogue dialect, but Ah believe ‘at thes is rightfully an important book worthy ay readin’.


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