The Golden Gate

Vikram Seth, in the year of 1986, penned
this novel entirely in free sonnet verse.
Its locale, San Francisco, and plot, diverse,
tells the tale of intertwining lover, friend,
the sorrows of the love one may lose,
and the circumstances that another does choose.
To read it quick, can be quite fun,
even when the fog covers up the SF sun.
Though set in the yuppie lives of the early 80’s pace,
its characters are true to the SF of today
with protests of war, and even an affair that’s gay,
and there is mention of many a Bay Area place.


About hardlyregistered

The meandering observations of a 30 something guy.
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4 Responses to The Golden Gate

  1. Nari says:

    Damn you! I wanted to write my review as a poem too. =)

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  4. Rahi says:

    How clever you are! I am just now perusing your blog and have a long list of books to read!

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