Calvin & Hobbes

The Complete Calvin & Hobbes
Volume I
Bill Waterson 2005

I have a guilty pleasure  in reading comics.  Back when newspapers were printed on paper I would instantly flip to the funny pages before reading the politics or local news and the first strip that I would read would be Calvin & Hobbes.  I was always amused by the strip’s simple premise about the trouble seeking and day-dreaming boy Calvin meandering on his adventures with his close friend, Hobbes the tiger.  I loved the instances when the two would ponder the meaning of life as they raced down hills in their wheelbarrow or sled, the fantastical exploits as Calvin mischievously became an ant or Tyrannosaurs Rex, and who wouldn’t love the the endless additions to the rule book of the never ending game of Calvin Ball?

So, it goes without saying that one of the best gifts I’ve received in a long while was the complete collection of Calvin & Hobbes.  So far I’ve completed volume 1 of 3, which spans the years 1985-88 and I’ve been reading it as the funnies were meant to be read – not on a computer screen but on my table with my morning breakfast.  Over the past three months I’ve been transported to my past as I’ve been reading the strip and fondly remembering growing up with Calvin & Hobbes.  Reading all of the strips in chronological order is a special treat because I have been able to see the first instances of Calvin’s fear of his babysitter and the growing playfulness as Calvin’s dad twists the truth in his responses to Calvin’s questions about life.

The best part is that I have two more volumes of Calvin & Hobbes to read at my leisure and watch Calvin not grow up and just stay the same troublesome and entertaining kid that he is.


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