A Novel Thought

Done with school and now an unemployed, albeit registered nurse, I find myself in want of material to post in my oft forgotten blogpace.  My free time has been consumed healthily devouring my love of literature as I have been plucking my shelves to complete the dusty, neglected books that have piled up during my two years of grad school.  The written words pressed upon the pages have provided me with transcendent meaning to my life despite my fruitless job search.  I have been abuzz from the cathartic stories of despair, the hope dispersed in tales of magical realism and the existential purpose within the humanity beyond the words.  However, as my gaze consumes my stack of books I have been in want of purpose as I pluck another book off the shelves as soon as the one in hand is finished.  The words I read mean much more to me than paper on the shelf and stack higher than a written list.  So, inspired by a good friend’s longstanding category of her readings (found here) and motivated by the opportunity of the beginning of a new year and new decade with a new purpose, I have opted to use this space to track my thoughts as I continue my ongoing pursuit of reading for the sake of simply enjoying reading.


About hardlyregistered

The meandering observations of a 30 something guy.
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2 Responses to A Novel Thought

  1. Nari says:

    Welcome to the world of book blogging! I can’t wait to read your reviews.

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